Orthodontics is the dental specialty that seeks to correct and improve the three-dimensional position of the teeth in the mouth. All this to achieve aesthetics, health and functionality. This is supported by different treatment modalities such as:

  • Transparent aligners: commonly known as ‘Invisaling’ consists of sequential transparent splints, which require prolonged use for a certain time depending on each case, to place in a controlled manner the teeth in the proper position. It is based on the use of specific software applied to the digitalization of the dental arches.
  • Treatment with Brackets: This is conventional orthodontics. On certain occasions it is advisable to resort to this instead of transparent aligners.
  • Orthopedics: Used during the growing age, it consists of guiding the development of the mandible, maxilla and dentofacial mass to achieve good bone bases where the permanent dentition will eventually be placed. It avoids future skeletal, functional and esthetic problems. This treatment is sometimes combined with a second phase of dental alignment; either with braces or invisible aligners.

Our orthodontic specialist, after a specific comprehensive study, will make a diagnosis and specific treatment plan tailored to your needs.