Dra. Delia Cohen Aagaard
    General Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry

    Collegiate Member No. 28004055

    • Graduated in Dentistry from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina 1982-1986.
    • Professional practice in pediatric dentistry in the public area 1988-1990 Córdoba, Argentina and private practice to date.
    • Specific training in: Pediatric stomatology. Treatment of young permanent teeth. Malocclusions in children. Prevention. Oral surgery in pediatric dentistry. Dental Circle of Córdoba. Pediatric Dentistry Dr Louis W Ripa.
    • Update on Conservative Dentistry. Madrid Dental Association. Dr Cortés Lillo, Dr Monserrat Catalá Pizarro. Dr Antonio Barreiro Daviña.
    • Modular Postgraduate Training in Endodontics given by Dr. Emilio Serena Rincón and Dr. Carlos García Puente.
    • Continuing education in Endodontics taught by numerous doctors including: Dr Fernando Goldberg, Dr.Martha de Lammertyn, Dr.Rubén Ulfohn, Dr.Jorge Palma, Dr. Rafael Miñana.
    • Modular postgraduate course in Orthodontics taught by Dr. Beatriz Muñiz. Gnatos Foundation.
    • Monographic course in Orthodontics given by Dr. Javier R Frenck.
    • Continuing education in aesthetics given by numerous doctors including: Dr Manuel de Antón Radigales Valls, Dr Eduardo Padrós Fradera, Dr Fernando Autrán, Dr Rafael Calixto, Dr Paulo Monteiro, Dr Ronaldo Hidrata, Dr María Cura.