Dra Aniana Gobbato

    Collegiate Member Nº 28010901

    • Graduated in Dentistry from the National University of Cordoba. Argentina 1993-1998.
    • Homologation to Licentiate in Dentistry. Theoretical and Practical Joint Examination. University of Barcelona. Ministry of Education and Science of Spain. 2005
    • Master in Comprehensive and Interceptive Orthodontics. With practice on patients. Graduate School. School of Dentistry. University of Córdoba. Argentina. Pro. Dr. Teresa Varela Villalba.
    • Course of Orthodontics ‘Ergonomics in diagnosis and treatment’ Clínica Da Face. Lisbon. Dr. Omar Maximino Milia. Dr Antonio Matos Da Fonseca. Lisbon. Portugal. 2008-2009.
    • Master in Endodontics with Practice on Patients. CREO Foundation. Córdoba Argentina. Professor Dr. Marta Lammartyn. 1999.
    • Exclusive Private Practice in Orthodontics.