General dental care

Primary problems of the mouth, teeth and other structures are treated. It is usually the patient’s first contact with the dental professional. We make an initial diagnosis, identifying the main problems in the mouth, to correctly refer to the corresponding professional.

Prevention: the best solution to a problem is that it does not appear. In Clinica Dental Retiro Akselrad we teach you how to take care of your mouth to avoid the appearance of pathologies. We generally recommend at least an annual check-up of your mouth.

Tooth decay: It is a chronic bacterial process, which without treatment, leads to of the hard tissues’ of the tooth destruction. To treat it we remove the diseased tissue and perform a filling. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to a root canal treatment performed by our specialist.

Gingivitis: is the superficial inflammation of the gum. Bleeding is the main warning sign. The most common causes are poor dental hygiene, along with physiological changes (pregnancy), diseases such as diabetes, plaque retentive factors such as misaligned teeth, fillings and old restorations or maladapted prostheses.

Tobacco is a determining factor for the onset and progression of periodontal diseases, it generates a lot of damage, and is even capable of ”camouflaging” certain warning signs such as bleeding gums.

If not treated properly it can progress to periodontitis, in which case it will be treated by our periodoncist.

Once the goals are set, all that’s left to do is get to work! We conceive dental care as a team effort.

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